Momentum 2011.4 Love Night

By this time my voice and I are becoming tired. In the warm up I notice my voice has a range of about 4 notes – in the lower register. After three days of establishing a level of reputation and expectation with our audience, the next thing we do is write the set list for the final (5th) night. After that, we fill in the 4th night gap with leftover songs to avoid repeats on consecutive nights.

Wearily I take the stage with my worn out voice and a menu of leftovers, and then, Bam! 1,800 kids click in to “Minnie the Moocher” (groovy version) and the energy of our 8-piece fun love and music generator kicks in. Two songs later, (and a tour de force exhibition of musical excellence) there’s an explosion,.. our rendition of “Living for the City” is compelling and passionate, the cascading motif is majestic and yearning, the audience are singing and moving together, reciprocating the on stage unity in their corporate joy. We chat and laugh and tell stories in gaps between songs, at some point the voice seems to come back, and I finish by sharing that I had asked God for this band, ..and look what happened.

This year, my #1 son Daniel has joined us at last. (making EIGHT people onstage (including dancing grandchildren) with the same surname!). Dan brings a special level of musical confidence and charismatic energy to the whole band, and that together with a great venue and audience, has thrown us up to new heights. Good times.


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