Momentum 2011.5 Last Night

Having booked a wedding gig during the likely dates for Momentum 2012, we’ll probably end our run of five years and 25 gigs right here. The voice is now wrecked. Jo and I get through the night though. The reaction to the new songs is huge, and we still have enough creativity to take a few unplanned turns. There is definitely some great footage to come in a week or so, following transfer, edit and upload. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll play Soul Survivor?

Favorite moments include: throwing my hat into the rafters and catching it as I take the mic (worship leaders have less fun); the shock of of the immediate and huge reaction to Move On Up; three x five meals with my family and grandchildren; games stories and jokes with the band and kids by the tents; Dan’s “winding up” the congregation; world class performances from my wonderful band, both in solos and ensemble work; audience participation to our lovely arrangement of People Get Ready.

Best Gig Ever.

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