House Husband: Day 10

Time to clean up my act. Before breakfast I roar into action. Two, not one, but two trips to the dump, followed by sorting out my new phone. Difficult choice between Virgin (£8pm for a smartphone) or Vodafone (£21pm for dumb-phone, £41pm for an iPhone). Androidiness starts tomorrow. Then shopping, then breakfast,.. at 2pm! Then […]

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House Husband: Day 9

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose […]

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House Husband: Day 8

What just happened? Almost nothing. It rained, the wind blew. I stayed in and read.. I read Noam Chomsky, the most intelligent review of the ten years since 9-11. I read Tom Wright, the most intelligent exegesis of eschatology I’ve found. I read awful letters from friends in Africa having hard times. Finally, I took […]

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House Husband: Day 7

We make plans! And what happens to those plans? Today’s jobs: clean-up after the weekend (tick) cook rice and water for Becca (tick) and sort out the drinks for The Wedding (not quite fully ticked yet). During the clean-up I fetched the post including a note to say I missed a parcel on Saturday. I […]

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House Husband: Day 6

Up for 09:00am rehearsal & service, which goes well at SPH. Return to clean house, though Monday will be a long washing day. At home Jo has cooked two chicken pieces in bacon. I scatter diced tomato & herbs, and serve with buttered peas and rice. Give peas a chance, I say. We sit together […]

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House Husband: Day 5

Took the day off and went to Bexhill-on-Sea to visit my parents. Dad was delighted with the mic stand birthday present that holds a digital recorder. He uses it to track his progress as a baritone saxophonist. This is remarkable as he is 79. Great day. Home in time to find Jo and Becca making […]

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House Husband: Day 4

Have stopped talking aloud to self. Probably a step forward? Seriously invited someone over at 10:30am last night to fix their email. This morning (after a little dusting and food prep) I await visitor for a charity web project. I love helping others. Meanwhile, own projects on back burner. What to do? Say “no” sometimes? […]

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House Husband: Day 3

Having gone to bed at 3:00am, it occurs to House-Husband that routine and discipline must needs be self-imposed in the absence of the wiser and more organised member of the partnership. That being the case, one showers, shaves, and deodorises even before setting out a plan for the day. This begins with administration (one ‘Our […]

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House Husband: Day 2

The question is, can I get these jobs ticked on my list, and start building a deck in the back garden? Soon there will be Winter muddiness out there, and we want to traverse the garden on raised clean decking, possibly sheltered from rain. There’s also a need for a bike shed. I wonder how […]

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