House Husband: Day 2

The question is, can I get these jobs ticked on my list, and start building a deck in the back garden? Soon there will be Winter muddiness out there, and we want to traverse the garden on raised clean decking, possibly sheltered from rain. There’s also a need for a bike shed. I wonder how I ever found time to go to work at IBM.

House Husband emerges from house just before 11:00am. The slow crawl to IKEA and back wins two sofas ordered for same day delivery (same day!). I start arranging two gigs for Our Dad, and change two light bulbs which have to be fetched from the loft.
A little culinary action produces rice and stir fry beef and oriental vegetables with some wild chilli-ginger soy dip for the meat. This is shared with Andy Chamberlain as we design a new graphical music arrangement chart for people who cannot read real music. It’s pretty good!

I feel like I’m doing about half what Mary would be doing, it makes me feel proud to be half as good as she is. The sofas arrive late at night and I have to help carry them through to the back garden. Tomorrow I’ll probably unpack them. I’ll have to check The List. Here’s how the sofas look now, waiting in the dark..


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