House Husband: Day 3

Having gone to bed at 3:00am, it occurs to House-Husband that routine and discipline must needs be self-imposed in the absence of the wiser and more organised member of the partnership. That being the case, one showers, shaves, and deodorises even before setting out a plan for the day. This begins with administration (one ‘Our Dad’ gig in the bag, ‘tick’; Spear Interviews, charity web build and a whole weekend planned, ‘tick tick tick’) then cleaning (entire ground floor mopped clean and hoovered, ‘tick’ or two?), and culminates in the construction of two boxed sofas, to be followed by preparation of professional meal by amateur chef (moi). In fact, Mark & Jo cooked for me, so I worked on tomorrow’s project.

All this is going super-well. Time is all used up (minus 3% for blogging) helping other people’s projects and daily chores. What then happens to writing a book, or even reading one, or the decking project? Is House-Husband in need of a life-coach? a Filo-Fax? One will have to spend some time on the fresh sofa, considering one’s priorities.


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