House Husband: Day 4

Have stopped talking aloud to self. Probably a step forward? Seriously invited someone over at 10:30am last night to fix their email. This morning (after a little dusting and food prep) I await visitor for a charity web project. I love helping others. Meanwhile, own projects on back burner. What to do? Say “no” sometimes? set days aside for specific work of my own? Give up and get a job?

The day feels good, with lots of progress developing the repositories and automated social networking for the “Formation” charity website. Loving Max Bruch who I have just discovered. Also found a classical guitarist Jason Vieaux who makes a change from Williams and Bream. Manage to clear a 3m by 3m space between sofas, which makes me think M will be ok to paint and sew in the new room. Good!

Today I proved that House Husband might remember that toilets need cleaning, and actually do the job. Impressed? Surprised? I was! Even cooked a proper meal for myself, though i ate it standing in the kitchen. Anyway, doing better, though should get out more. Waste of a sunny day.

Early night then, in bed before midnight, ready for a big weekend.


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