House Husband: Day 7

We make plans! And what happens to those plans? Today’s jobs: clean-up after the weekend (tick) cook rice and water for Becca (tick) and sort out the drinks for The Wedding (not quite fully ticked yet). During the clean-up I fetched the post including a note to say I missed a parcel on Saturday. I “ran the gauntlet” of the post office without legal parking, and escaped without a ticket, and with a new wireless extender. It took an hour to get everything connected and working well. Well, well-ish. Maybe it would have been easier if the instructions had come in English instead of French!
So I served simple food to the recovering Becca in the garden room (Studio?) and we worked on-line on the new sofas. I spent a lot of time discovering that a wooden garden deck can be quite a difficult thing to build, and that it may not be what I really want anyway. It’s great that Summer is lingering. Though the wind outlasted the sun, and chilled the late afternoon, it was a beautiful day. I thought how each day is gift.
The drinks thing is bewildering. How many glasses of beer and wine will 135 people consume on the Wedding Day? I do not know! Cooked a delightful mince and pasta dish (though I say so myself) with fresh tomatoes instead of tinned & puree. Will try to resolve the drinks order again tonight.

Better clean up the office,.. Here we go:


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