Let’s Stick Together

I came across “Let’s Stick Together” on the cover of the Autumn’11 New Wine Magazine. It is a one-hour (!) marriage course that curerently operates in Bristol reaching 25% of new mums. Which sounds similar to the as2become3 approach to reaching its audience?). It’s run by Harry Benson’s Care For The Family organisation. The one-hour […]

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To Obey, or Not to Obey

The question appears at first to be clear. Should she promise “To obey”, or not? Recently, the choice has gone either way, equally. Those who deliberately excluded the “O” word felt it to be an anachronistic slur on their rightful independence. Those who changed the word “Obey” to “Respect” would also change the man’s promise […]

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Father of the Bride Speech

Welcome On behalf of Mark and Jo, and Pauline, and Mary, and myself, Welcome to you all!
 It is my traditional duty and sincere pleasure to WELCOME !

 May I make a special point of welcoming respectfully the most senior 
members of our newly-joined families?
 We really appreciate you making the effort of traveling.

 Thank […]

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Wedding Day 11 O’clock

The good hearted Donaldsons have lent us their house. The bridesmaids and MoB are ironing; the bride is having make-up and hair done. FoB (me) is relaxing and hoping the results are still recognisably people we know. Picture taken with granddaughters, and making plans to swap jackets for one that fits as we step out […]

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