Let’s Stick Together

I came across “Let’s Stick Together” on the cover of the Autumn’11 New Wine Magazine. It is a one-hour (!) marriage course that curerently operates in Bristol reaching 25% of new mums. Which sounds similar to the as2become3 approach to reaching its audience?). It’s run by Harry Benson’s Care For The Family organisation. The one-hour course takes the best of many longer ones:

  • Bad Habits
    • STOP – see the four movies
  • Good Habits
    • Five Love Languages
  • Friendship
    • Make Time
    • Be Positive

I don’t think our own church has a need to run more courses at the moment, but, I thought this structures, and the four short movies (“STOP”) are a good resource for us and our married & engaged couples.

Web Site: “Let’s Stick Together”    http://www.letssticktogether.co.uk/

Movie: STOP Scoring Points
Movie: STOP Thinking the Worst
Movie: STOP Opting Out
Movie: STOP Putting Down

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