Where did I put that…

How do YOU keep your music? if your collection consists of two Andrew Lloyd Webber soundtracks and Dark Side of The Moon, then this does not affect you. If you can’t remember where the CDs are because you listen to Spotify and Last.fm, then this does not affect you. But if you have hundreds of […]

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Talking Parenting

Mary and I are talking for 5 minutes tonight at a Parenting Course.We’ve scripted it to finish on time, but mostly to ensure we¬†avoid telling people what to do or say. Especially what they should say. We’ve actually been asked by people how we managed to bring up four children to be such lovely adults, […]

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My Leaving Letter

About two years ago when I retired early from IBM, I wrote a letter to all my colleagues. They enjoyed it a lot, and I’m posting it to avoid losing it. There are some in-jokes of course. Sorry! Dear Colleagues, Steve Weeks retires on 5th Jan’10. He offers his warmest wishes but in his impending […]

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