I worked in a very advanced classroom once. There were buttons on each desk, and you could measure the students’ knowledge before and after a lecture. Inevitably the situation finally arose where the post-lecture results were lower than the pre-lecture results! Though the likelihood was that the post-lecture questions were simply harder, the temptation was […]

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Seven metaphorical days of creation

That’s William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days” to bring together two concepts of Days and Creation. Quora.com included the question, What bible book is most controversial?  I said Job, not Genesis. Unless you don’t understand metaphor. Then I was asked, what is the metaphor of “Day” in the creation story? My answer: If you mean, what is meant […]

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Redefining Marriage

I do not think the Redefinition of Marriage is a great idea. Seen objectively from the Government’s point of view, I wonder what they think marriage is? I could imagine a purely political view of why Marriage is to be preserved, not revised. Christianity exists alongside other faiths including secularism, so its social policy recommendations […]

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