Do It Like You Do

Press PLAY and listen while you read on..

I am preparing for our 2012 New Wine gig. We can’t make it for our usual 5 nights at Momentum, so I really want it to be a gripping and uplifting one-hour performance. I love the idea that when people visit a Christian convention, they won’t just get TOLD to “be better” or “be more spiritual” in a theological or exegetical presentation, but they will be SHOWN, inspired and informed by demonstrations of the authentic, real-life, living thing in the real world. And I don’t mean that nobody does that, they do! And I want to join them!

Now I have seen performances of music and dance that have left me thinking, “That’s how I want to feel, how I want others to feel, when my colleagues and I arrive and do our job of work. When people see us relate to each other and Do It Like We Do, I want them to feel the same glow and shock that I felt now as I saw the fire and vitality in those dancers.”. If they can put so much effort into a song and dance, why should I not put even more love and passion into the job that feeds my kids, secures my future, and gives me purpose?

So, I am thinking of trying this number which speaks to me of behaving like that with The Spirit of Christ in us. It says, “I need you! Nobody Else, can Do It Like You Do”. Yeah!

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