Customising Google Mail

I discovered a great tip for adding a nice graphic at the end of an email in Google mail.This is particularly useful if you send business emails, where you want people to be able to click through your logo to your web site from any email. Why waste the banner opportunity that comes free with the air-time of every single email? It’s easy to do. Here’s the trick: Google Settings -> Labs -> enable insert images // enable canned responses. You then “compose” a new email containing just your future signature. You notice that the compose window has two new widgets; one for insert images, one for canned responses. I added a graphic and made it a link to my web site. Then save the email as a “canned response”. Next time you compose an email you can recall the lovely signature using the same canned response widget that you originally used to save it. Several YouTube videos explain this in detail. As usual, there is one that is clear and succinct,.. if you can find it!

One thing went wrong, but I found a work-around. The graphics did not work when I recalled a canned response. I switched (when selecting the graphic in the new “Insert Images” function) from “loading a file”, to “referring to a web-URL”. This worked, and even allowed me to add a hyper-link to the (now embeddded) graphic element. But… how do I get a web-URL for my graphic files? Easy! load them into a WordPress blog post, right-click on them, and “copy image URL”. And that is why I wrote this post 🙂

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