Justification – God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision (Tom Wright)

Paperback: 256 pages; Publisher: SPCK Publishing (20 Feb 2009); ISBN-10: 0281060908; ISBN-13: 978-0281060900 Available in the SPH Bookshop Amazon: “This sprightly and gracious, yet robust, work is Tom Wright’s carefully argued and scripturally based response to those who think that he has deeply misunderstood Paul’s doctrine of justification… This is definitely one of the most […]

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Ravi Shankar, Indian sitar maestro, dies

What a great musician was Ravi Shankar. What a great contribution to “World Music”, with apologies to people who distrust the term and classification. Sometimes the overused phrase “World Music” can be mistakenly read as meaning, “Funny sounding foreign music for pompous pseudo-musicologists*”, or an implication that music should be divided between “ours and theirs”. […]

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Love as a Way of Life (Gary Chapman)

Love as a Way of Life; Gary Chapman, Hodder (2009) Gary spends a whole book explaining from real practical examples what love looks like as it includes everything from giving, trusting, forgiving, all the way to humility, honesty, and asks how to be properly motivated to properly love in marriage. A really fresh and surprisingly […]

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Marriage Works (J.John)

Marriage Works, J.John, Authentic Lifestyle (2002) In typical form for this entertaining evangelist, J.John erases the boundaries between Christian principles and entertainingly plain common sense. There is real wisdom here, and it’s easy to read, and it’s rich in practical advice for those thinking about marriage in the future.

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Chasing the dragon (Jackie Pullinger)

Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton; Rev. ed. edition (16 Feb 2006) ISBN-10: 0340908807 ISBN-13: 978-0340908808 Nicky Gumbel, Holy Trinity Brompton: ‘Truly inspiring … a wonderful book.’ Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor: ‘Jackie Pullinger has helped to turn a city around and has saved lives, all because of the compassion that she’s received from Jesus. […]

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Confessions (Saint Augustine)

Paperback: 352 pages Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks (14 Aug 2008) ISBN-10: 0199537828 ISBN-13: 978-0199537822 In this new translation the brilliant and impassioned descriptions of Augustine’s colourful early life are conveyed to the English reader with accuracy and art. Augustine tells of his wrestlings to master his sexual drive, his rare ascent from a humble Algerian farm […]

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The Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan)

Paperback: 400 pages Publisher: OUP Oxford; Reissue edition (11 Dec 2008) ISBN-10: 0199538131 ISBN-13: 978-0199538133 Amazon: This new edition does full justice to the text for modern readers. The notes are helpful and scholarly. The introduction is warm and up to date. This is now the best reading edition available. (Roger Pooley, Keele University )

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The Screwtape Letters (C.S.Lewis)

Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Harper (1 July 2008) ISBN-10: 000727355X ISBN-13: 978-0007273553 Amazon: The world-famous satirical novel in which a Senior Devil tutors a Junior Devil in a series of sly but increasingly frustrated letters. This new edition, heralding the release of Screwtape as a new cinema film, is beautifully illustrated with humorous cartoons by […]

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