Kali Anastasi

Monday 29th. Kali Anastasi After the briefest stretch around Athens’ ancient ruins, we take the delightfully modernised metro train to Pireus. The modernisation, and perhaps the Olympic funds, reached their furthest limit at the point that the escalator lets you and your baggage down on the portside of the Pireus harbour road. There you step […]

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Double Easter

Easter is over and we’re on our way to Greece, where Easter is about to begin. Holy Week 1.0 (the Orthodox vsn) starts today. Half way from Heathrow to Athens I remember the reason I didn’t want to fly. Security was awful, and my seat is jammed upright and my headphones don’t work, and we’ve […]

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What’s the point of chess?

Somebody asked this question, saying that he had stopped playing chess when Deep Blue beat Kasparov. It is foolish in my opinion to ask “What is the point of chess if you cannot beat everybody (and everything)?” and not worth answering that question. However, the questioner was presumably smart enough to know that he was […]

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