How God Became King (N.T.Wright)

20130917-123125.jpgI’m reading Tom Wright’s book about why the Creed, and the Pauline Gospel of Atonement And Salvation seem predicated on Christ’s death and resurrection, and perhaps on his incarnation, but remain indifferent to his works, words, ways, his life. But. It’s all good. My sermon analogy is your repossession of your own property, currently in use by your children and their friends who are student renters. There are pressing face-to-face issues and some lead-by-example stuff to do, and also some contractual issues that you hand off to Paul the lawyer to follow up once you get this place running less like a house, and more like a home. The friends resent the children (and so remain ignorant of the children’s history (and yours!)) Reaching the Age of Enlightenment, the friends become even more focused on the contract than the covenant. They spend all their energy starting fights over who’s going to live in the property when it’s refurbished.

There is more than one thing going on, and it won’t happen overnight. There will be milestones, much to do with your visits to the property and the unfolding relationships, which you want to proceed towards a new and much better basis.

Good luck with the repossession!

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