News flash! Bishops can become women!

When I worked for IBM I advised people on which computer to buy. Not that one! Why not? End of the line,.. no upgrades coming,.. buy the other one, bit more expensive but you can upgrade it next year, and the year after. Oooh! Thanks! That’s how it went.

However, in the church there is no warning of what’s coming next. When I started out I was taught why men are the head of the household, why women should wear a hat and not talk in church (let alone anything else), why Christians don’t go to the pub, and so much more. Of course all this was defended in terms of the fact that Evangelical Christians base their theology on The Bible. Presumably the other denominations base their faith on the Lord of the Rings, or The Seven Habits of Successful People, or something else other than the bible, I never did check that out.  And so I was taught from The Bible why all these things were exactly the way they are.

Well, things change, as they should. As a learner, rather than a teacher, I would request of the theologians and religious educators that they might kindly issue a Roadmap of Truth. Rather than tell me what computers will be available (or obsolete) in the next years, they could tell me what truths will be available (or obsolete) in the next few decades. Therefore, for example, we could be taught how God feels about homosexuals, and to what extent they should therefore be allowed into church life; but at the same time it would be helpful to know that if we were to stick around for 10 or 20 years, those feelings and allowances may morph into something different.

OK, I’m being silly. But I still think the church needs to have the biggest debate of all. How to read the bible. Because we can’t keep deciding it means something different while holding on to the idea of literal (as opposed to literary) interpretation.

Finally, I got home tonight and called to my wife, Do you know what happened in The Church today? Yeah! They allowed bishops to become women! Well, a slip of the tongue, but maybe a glimpse of the future, or should I say, a glimpse of the future truth.


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