Wharefdale TV sound bar £145


Wharfedale’s reputation extends way back into your dad’s days of vinyl records and speaker wardrobes that we’re more wooden than Nicholas Cage’s acting on a bad day. Now the main questions are what kind of sound will I get from something so small, and do I understand which digital connections I’m paying for?

In this case the answers are: you will get a crisp solid sound without an overblown bass (that wins you over in the showroom but quickly tires in the living room, overpowering listeners and the other frequencies alike). To control bass and get a well balanced sound, just position this so that the end speakers can project and reflect their really wide sound stage round your room, and I think you’ll enjoy the results in comfort. The top is curved so you won’t be placing the TV on top. Is that a bad thing? I unpacked mine in a room with my three sons who are all record producers (really!) and they all just listened and nodded without a word. That’s a good thing!

The connections are simple, all you are paying for is what you’re going to definitely use: a stereo jack and a Bluetooth receiver for playing iThings – with and without cables – and of course, connections to the TV in both analogue and digital. So you won’t be paying for stuff you haven’t heard of like UPnP, and by the way you won’t be paying for enough power to annoy the neighbours. That’s a good thing too, right?

Well done Wharefdale, you impressed my dad, and you impressed my kids too.

(By the way, the picture is my dad’s gear, not my kid’s!)

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