Day 8: Syros to Naxos

We came by boat at night. Reading our books on deck, under the stars. 


 To get more out of re-reading The Lord of the Rings, one collates a name dictionary in Westron, Dwarvish, and the Silvan, Galadhrim, & Ancient variants of Elvish. 

With paper, one can write key names in Runes, and avoid autocorrection to ‘Elvis’. 

Then there’s the whole ‘Cluedo’ game of, Who’s been wearing the 1:3:7:9 rings, and the Silmarilion. 

For JRRT the modern world holds lesser evil, and lesser good, descended from purer forms. To uncover his placement of that myth around a metaphor of geographical quadrants (ancient-modern; fairie-mortal) we’ll need a map:

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