2016-10-08 Sat. What would Steve do?

This wordpress app has bugs on my iPhone 4. Sorry about the formatting. 

At 10:30 I waved to Mary on ferry to Pireus. Spent two hours in Souvala cafe, finishing painting of a sink. And some email. Not used to being alone; feels like I’m waiting for someone. Except that I’m not. Now what? Maybe a new drawing in Aegina? Or somewhere quieter? With interesting buildings? I head for Aegina at noon, to visit the art shop, but: nothing there to replace my empty 0.05mm ink liner. 

I find a place in the shade with a good view of the old castle. Two hours later I have a drawing and a painting of it, and I’ve also met a German chap (Hans) who tells me the entire military history of Greece. And a French chap – Cedric – has a chat, then brings his wife Morgan, and two children to see the pictures. 

It turns out that painting on your own is a highly social activity. I’m meeting educated charming English-speaking locals at an alarming rate. 

By 3pm I’m at ‘tenekedakia’ for a lunch of kirino (sketo) & pitta. And a Heineken. The waiter liked my painting of his bathroom sink. Gratifying. I take all the napkins from my table because they are perfect for painting. This holiday is turning into a crash course in ‘Painting as a Lifestyle’. 

By 5pm I have finished v2,0 of Aegina Castle. It’s rubbish. One big error wrecked it. But one must keep on. I pause at the church for a reflective moment. 


On the way home to recharge my iPhone battery, the police stop me! I wait for 15m, they make some fun about brexit, and let me go. Welcome to Greece!

7pm after editing the photo albums, down to Souvala. 

Spending a whole day paint in left little time for exercise. However, one did carry a heavy bag, and walked around Aegina all day.

Off to Jimi’s bar for whiskey and coke and upload my daily photos. 


2 thoughts on “2016-10-08 Sat. What would Steve do?

  1. Well done! So nice to hear a word from you. I lost my old FB account when I tried updating the password. I tried re-inviting my old friends but didn’t get all of them back. It sounds like you and Mary are living fully. So glad to know. Warren & I are enjoying the southwest coast of Oregon. Hope to hear from you again.

    1. Can’t be that hard to reset a password! 🙂
      I’ll pop over and fix it for you!
      Well, I’d love to..
      I stopped using Social Media this year, apart from Whatsapp with our children. But I did catch a couple of pictures of you two in a coastal paradise. “Enjoy!”

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