2016-10-09 Sun. What would Steve do?

Saturday evening was spent by candlelight and then by starlight listening to JS Bach piano music. A little pasta. And then bed. 

After a lie in (!) and breakfast, I reach Cafeteria Kanakis by 11:00am and complete a drawing of Souvala Harbour by 13:00pm. 

Take some pictures inland, and then keftedakia at tenekedakia. By 

4pm it’s time for coffee at Cafe Neon; working out how to colour the new drawing. Sat at the high tables and stools at the back. Perfect. Lots of interaction from passing tourists just behind me. 

Also catching up on Whatsapp. 

17:30 – after 90m painting – result: pretty ordinary! “Nice” but not my objective, which is – much ‘crisper’ stuff!

18:00 stop to draw church on coast at sunset. 2 hours including mathematical corrections to perspective at home. Listening to the greatest work of art in the history of the universe: Bach’s St.Matthew Passion. 

It’s time to visit Kanaki’s for W&C, and post the new church drawing with the painting of Souvala Harbour. Goodnight. 



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