2016-10-10 Mon. What would Steve do?

Last night was spent listening to JS Bach’s St.Matthew Passion. Again, yes. Without being on a ‘diet’ I am eating less, which might compensate for spending a lot of time sitting. In respect of the sitting, and prolonged concentration, painting is similar to computing. However, I believe there is greater scope for using the brain’s ‘right hemisphere’, and a far wider appreciation of the final result. 
Today I plan two projects:

One is adding watercolour to the extreme two-point perspective drawing of the coastal church with bells. I intend a soft wash, minimal shading, and perhaps leave in the mechanical pencil work. 

The other is to copy a blown-up detail from a photo, and execute it as 100% watercolour. Therefore the preparation will be unshaded soft pencil outlines, to be removed when the paint dries. Being a narrow angle zoom image, the perspective is very flat, and taken at sunset, it should work as a 2D area comprising blocks of soft colour. 

Rather than comparing painting to music, I’m starting to see the similarity to programming. There are rules to bear in mind during building, but the planning phase is all about anticipating the ideal sequence, the selected elements, and, in case of ‘surprises’, the contingent options – before the building begins. 

I’m writing this paragraph at 4am, listening to cock-crow, while imagining the day’s promising but unpredictable process Another similarity with the addictively engaging programming of computers!

10:00am sitting down to paint, at the window. Looking out at the sea, kefalotiri, apple, grapes and a cup of tea on the side. At noon the painting is done. 4 hours so far!
Time for a really good walk. Up the mountain to begin the next drawing from an iPhone image. 

I drive though, to ‘Iera Moni’ and sit on the lower church steps, listening to the wind and the bells of a small flock of dark goats. The view up here is of hills, and the sea – in opposite directions. 

I attempt some drawing but with the sun, only in the car can I see the phone image I want to draw. Two o’clock and time for lunch. I meet a French lady and a Greek lady who converse in Italian. The French lady does “Arte Pauvre” ..using junk to make art. 

By 4pm, lunch and the water colour are done. It’s time for a proper walk. Maybe to publish results from the harbour. 
Half way through the Moleskine, and not really pleased with these latest two. Can’t control the colours yet, and there’s no ‘priority’ (what matters) in my drawing and colouring of people. 

Two hours with Werner the modern architect from Munich on the way. for a good coffee & chat. And then walk down to Souvala for a W&C and some wireless. Must google ‘how to do watercolour wash’. 

Here are the practice sheets, reference photo, and some of today’s output.  



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