2016-10-11 Tue. What would Steve do?

Up until 2am last night, practicing rebetiko songs with Theophilos at his ‘Psitopoleion’ (souvlaki shop). 

  I’m doing a Rebetiko gig tonight with my mate Theophilus. He plays bouzouki and his mate Costa lends me a guitar and translates. 

Rehearsing last night, I asked Costa if his book had the chord charts for the song that Theophilus was struggling through over my inadequate accompaniment. 

Costa said no, so I asked him if he had a chart for any ‘similar song’. .

We all found this very funny 🙂 and drank more retsina. 

Quite happy with yesterday’s church drawing, but very unhappy with the girl in the restaurant. A quick go at fixing her, and then revert to architectural drawing!

Reading that again, I shoul have said, “very unhappy with the picture of the girl in the restaurant”

Today begins with heavy rain under a yellow grey sky that looks capable of sustaining rain all day long. A perfect day for painting with neither exercise, not chores, nor bad conscience.

First I proof-read and edit a 10-page essay by my German friend and neighbour Werner Sölch, and return it to him. Then I decide to do a first rough water colour of his house on drawing paper, and then visit the harbour for a break and a spanakopita. Lunch is over by 4pm. How “civilised”!

Werner was an industrial architect and designed his place after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House near Chicago. 


By 6pm after two hours, I have a second pen and watercolour picture in the Moleskine book. I’m leaving the building, the sky, and the earth in clean paper to reduce the palette to the almost monochrome of green trees and blue shadows in the building. 

In the morning I try again, colouring the sky but not the trees

Attached are the draft and first attempts, while I begin my vocal warm ups. La la la la la la la la laaaaaaa!

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