What is this?

Lacking experience, each picture is a surprise. Too late I discover what the painting is about. I mean, what is ‘the important thing’. Then you have to start again, and get the important thing right. Could be colour, tone, line, depth, or perspective. Later I hope to get a repertoire of techniques, and anticipate their […]

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Don’t Think, Paint

That’s all. Painting without thinking. No plan. No pencil outlines. Parker Quink applied with a matchstick; and a wash with a half-inch mop brush. In my Moleskine watercolour book as usual.    

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We visited a couple who had moved near┬áthe sea, away from their home town. We asked conversationally, Have you found a good church around here? She answered that she had not looked, and was actually really much happier now, not going. She said it was a great relief to be not being constantly told that […]

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The Man on the Train

Set out to draw a man on a train – well, on a platform. It turns out the platform is easier than the man. So here’s the empty platform, and I’m off to start practising drawing the man. I’ll get back to you on this real soon.

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St.John’s W.Ealing

So Godfrey Rust demands the church in water colour. From the S.East. Half kidding, but 30m after leaving VW West London I have a sketch by eye from a raised bed at the requested compass point. First I try copying a Newfoundland sketch of Peter Scheeler’s, just to try to change my style a bit. […]

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VW West London

Still skirting around the subject matter of urban sketching, I planned to draw the new VW West London building while my car was fixed. However, I decide to sit in the empty 2nd floor showroom by the coffee machine. The brilliant view was of a classic Beetle and north London through the vast glass wall. […]

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Comic Book Sketching

A break (another) from Urban Sketching. I’m making illustrations rather than ‘art’ so far. I’m almost ‘colouring in diagrams’ based on mathematical perspective theories. For example this one of St Paul’s Centre: When I drew and painted a dramatic break in, two things occurred to me. One is that the border can be a powerful […]

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Urban Sketch in Pireus

Travelling alone from the island to Athens airport I stop for 90m to draw Plateia Korai from a cafe table. It’s a single vanishing point schema using an Rotring HB clutch pencil onto my Watercolour Moleskine book. This time there’s no plan to use penliners, just watercolour. At the final stage I used a soft […]

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