We visited a couple who had moved near the sea, away from their home town. We asked conversationally, Have you found a good church around here? She answered that she had not looked, and was actually really much happier now, not going. She said it was a great relief to be not being constantly told that she needs to “change” or “try harder”. It’s considered encouraging to remind people of their election for a purpose. And then begins worry. What’s the plan? Have I missed it? Or messed it up? Is God dissatisfied, having hoped more of me?

I like this anonymous poem, called, “The Womb of Silence” (anon.):

Not in the whirlwind,
not in the lightning,
not in the strife of tongues,
or in the jangling of subtle reasoning
is He to be found,
but in the small voice
speaking in the womb of silence.

Therefore be silent.
Let the past be silent.
Let there be no vain regrets,
no brooding on past failures,
no bitterness,
no judging of oneself
or of others.
Let all be silent.
Be still and know.
Be still and look.
Let the eyes of the mind be closed,
that you may hear
what otherwise you would not hear,
that you may know
what otherwise you would not know.

Abandon yourself to Him
in longing love, simply,
holding on to nothing but Him.
So you may enter the silence of eternity
and know the union of yourself with Him.
And if in the silence He does not answer,
He is still there.
His silence is the silence of love.
Wait then in patience
and in submission.
It is good to wait in silence
for His coming.


Discovered in ch.20 of “Finding your Hidden Treasure”
– Benignus O’Rourke (Pub: Darton – Longman – Todd)

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