50 Days

50 days ago I stepped out of the Design Museum shop and started drawing in my new Moleskine water colour sketchbook.  Today I found myself back in the Design Museum (now open) with one blank page left. So, time to try again at drawing and painting TDM. Here’s the first and last entries in my […]

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Are We There Yet?

The tricky thing sometimes is to decide whether the painting is finished. Too soon is better than too late! In the case of this pine forest I’m pretty sure I’ve only done the background. However because I’m a novice I’m reluctant to go further as I might spoil it! Real paper has no “Undo” function.  […]

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Translating an Icon of Perichoresis

In the sense that this is theology in symbolic pictures, deliberately avoiding realism, it’s an icon. However, the artistic style is not Byzantine but more like a comic book of HergĂ©. So, remembering that iconographers do not ‘paint’ or ‘draw’ but rather ‘write’ an icon, this might be a ‘translation’ of Rublev’s icon into a […]

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