50 Days

50 days ago I stepped out of the Design Museum shop and started drawing in my new Moleskine water colour sketchbook.  Today I found myself back in the Design Museum (now open) with one blank page left. So, time to try again at drawing and painting TDM. Here’s the first and last entries in my first book:

I have a new book from CassArt, and so the journey must go on..

4 thoughts on “50 Days

  1. It seems to me that you are so enjoying your drawing. It is addictive and hard not to draw whatever you see and where ever you are. A slow form of memory capture. Very healthy and mindful! Also the ability to LOOK to SEE enhances ones view of the world allowing us to pass moments of our lives seeing the detail that can so escape our notice. It is up lifting and a delight. I have lived with this way of being for so long and it sustains me in ways nothing else does. A gift for us in our humble humanity.

    So pleased for you.

    1. Thank you Jane. Yes indeed – I have found all that and more. Not only do I see better, and more, but also I see things ‘inside’ – because one’s character and state are reflected in the drawing. Art Therapy! And a really nice bonus is that people now approach me in the street, or where-ever I paint, and we exchange thoughts and sometimes even email addresses. Isn’t that great?

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