Mystic Gothic I was really only trying out some wash and lines for copying a watercolour picture that I saw on line. I bashed it out quickly and put it in my Facebook series. Boom! 100+ likes,┬ámany comments, and even some offers to purchase. Well, that’s a milestone! In the end, I am not sure WHY […]

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What happens when you draw yourself?At least you’re guaranteed to care what it looks like, compared to the possibility of being accused of misrepresenting a second party. According to my own drawing, I am thinner than I thought I was. Even a bit wasted, or just older. Perhaps I just drew it ‘wrong’.  But, even […]

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Watercolour Guitars

My idea is that, for a guitarist, an image of a component of a guitar represents guitarness even more than a complete  image of a guitar does. Why? Because to the guitarist the component has a peculiar familiarity not shared by the uninitiated. It taps into her or his special relationship and confines the reference […]

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So, what have we learned today? If you can’t always check your spelling before opening the inkpot, at least don’t become a tattooist. 

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In the National Trust’s tiny “Dairy Cottage” Mary & I both painted. She her acrylic canine portrait, I my local sketches of the cottage, Truro cathedral, and Mary at work.

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