Watercolour Guitars

My idea is that, for a guitarist, an image of a component of a guitar represents guitarness even more than a complete  image of a guitar does. Why? Because to the guitarist the component has a peculiar familiarity not shared by the uninitiated. It taps into her or his special relationship and confines the reference to a smaller more esoteric domain of knowledge. It eliminates reference to more popular less informed connections.

That might be a metaphor for the musicians’ relationship with music itself. Laymen hear an entire performance holistically, perhaps using the right brain. But the musician cannot engage with music without hearing the mechanics of structure, cadence, harmony, and dynamics, perhaps using the left brain.

I think there’s more to be done to develop that idea into these images.


All these are in tiny Moleskine format. But. An A4 version is coming. First the drawing. Then add watercolour.

Next. I’ve ordered an A4 print of the small version, enlarging and emphasising my errors, or inaccuracy. I am pretty sure I am going to prefer the print to the actual A4 painting.

Meanwhile, I start work on #4, making a more accurate sketch (from a Google Images photograph) being dissatisfied with the shape in both #2 and the A4 #3.

Perhaps I’ll trace these lines in tough ink, and enlarge the results to A3?!

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