The Royal Academy of Art

Just before I started painting (6 months ago) I visited the RAA and drew the quad in a super-wide view. It took two hours and came out like this: Today I traced a photo by holding the two sheets, taped together, over a lamp shade while wielding a propelling pencil. That gave me an accurate […]

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Watercolour “Abstract”

Abstract is never abstract. It pokes your imagination and your imagination is the realest thing you have. Everything in your past, and your future, it’s all built on the solid foundation of your imagination. Uncropped above, but details can be more fun:

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Ca’ Dario Watercolour

I don’t know WHAT I think of this. It’s come out so different to what I was aiming at. I don’t know if I like it or even what I’d do to change it. Suggestions please! The ink liner was added after the watercolour as an attempt to ‘improve’ it.  Before that it looked like […]

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Watercolour Snow-scene

Messing about with basic techniques. A simple piece. Learning how proper paper affects outcomes: Add two colours to a wet area and let them blend. Watch how some colours sit on the peaks of the paper while others fall into the troughs.  Drag a lightly loaded, flat attitude, brush across the paper. Watch how the […]

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Watercolour Self-Portrait

What’s your favourite subject?  It’s yourself, of  course! Mine too!  So. How to begin? First I took an iPhone selfie, and pushed the Saturation and Contrast to imitate the solarisation process that produced many iconic 1960’s posters. It looks so easy to paint – almost ‘colour by numbers’, and a guaranteed dramatic strength. As with […]

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Watercolour Gondolas 

I am the Wayne Shaw of Watercolour. The painting desk is fully equipped with gear, natural light, and (being approx. lunch time) a mug of red wine and a packet of pork pies. Meanwhile, I completed an A4 version of the Gondolas. It’s the last time I’ll copy others’ watercolours for a while. It’s […]

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Chairs and Brushes

My dad & I tried to paint a pot of brushes. We were both very disappointed with our own results, but dad’s were very good, in my eyes. Great chance to watch all the tricks he uses. And the basics.  Dad’s:  Mine: (quite childish).  We also had a go at drawing a chair. Here’s dad’s: […]

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Watercolour Fireside

I’m copying merely to imitate and learn how to get certain effects. In this case, texture, colour, blending, ‘light’,..  here’s the (really beautiful) original: And here’s my first attempt: Tried again on a different detail, using more water, wet-on-wet, to get the colour mixes on paper. I think I’ve seen my problem; trying to overlay […]

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The Blues

Not to waste the cutouts from making mounts, I tried an exercise in dropping water onto wet paint, chasing the pigment towards and into lines around the edge. Cool.  As always, pushing the colours around (using Snapseed on the iPhone picture) reveals more of the colour contrast than mere reality. I can’t wait to blow […]

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On the Water

The sailing boat is a birthday card. I’ve read about doing a wash since then, and have a few other ideas for improving on the sky, ..and my first sea. The crisp blues make a great contrast in a black frame. Lots of mistakes to be corrected next time round. What fun! So, here’s a […]

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Moving, and Still Life

Trying different things every day. “Dry Brush”. “Wet on Dry”. Nothing comes out as wanted, but everything is good. Last night I played in a nine-piece band performing new songs without having had any rehearsal. If you have the right attitude, the spontaneous and unexpected can be quite as satisfying as that which was planned […]

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