Moving, and Still Life

Trying different things every day. “Dry Brush”. “Wet on Dry”. Nothing comes out as wanted, but everything is good. Last night I played in a nine-piece band performing new songs without having had any rehearsal. If you have the right attitude, the spontaneous and unexpected can be quite as satisfying as that which was planned and prepared. Better perhaps. So. I framed the church, and tried some moving dancers and some stationary fruit. The fruit is shown before and after adding a variegated wash background and a digital upgrade in boldness. Cheating? We don’t think so. It’s all part of a process. Vermeer used “tracing” for heavens sake!

Finally, “Snapseed” adds the saturation and contrast that I intended but failed to do on paper! Next time, I’ll do that with watercolour- I hope!

Finally I decided to try something I wanted to do a long time ago (On the “sink” paintings). To enlarge details and make a themed set of pictures emphasising the quality of the lines and edges of watercolour wash.

They look good in frames.

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