On the Water

The sailing boat is a birthday card. I’ve read about doing a wash since then, and have a few other ideas for improving on the sky, ..and my first sea.

The crisp blues make a great contrast in a black frame. Lots of mistakes to be corrected next time round. What fun!

So, here’s a second attempt at the same scene in Venice, this time on A4, and with a little more planning, but not enough certainty of what’s in the composition.

Another recurring  problem is blending transparent colours; I think I need to learn to put opaque colours down first, and let them dry before overlaying transparent colours 

While we’re on the Venetian theme, I copied another painting and got this:

The perspective is broken! I was in a hurry to try applying the paint differently. The wash works better than usual having applied on wet paper, and then let it dry. So that worked and so did the red and blue hulls blended wet on wet. Now I wish I’d spent 10m more on the outline sketching. 

Next step is to repeat the gondolas on A4. 

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