Watercolour Snow-scene

Messing about with basic techniques. A simple piece. Learning how proper paper affects outcomes:

  • Add two colours to a wet area and let them blend. Watch how some colours sit on the peaks of the paper while others fall into the troughs. 
  • Drag a lightly loaded, flat attitude, brush across the paper. Watch how the untouched paper comes through as white highlights. 
  • Flick up blades of grass out of a wet blob using the wrong end of the brush. 
  • Wait for layers to dry before adding distinct layers like the shadows under the roof. 

The heavy black tree in the foreground was an immediate afterthought. I thought I had finished when I had this: 

It was the white gap on the right of the tree that said, “You haven’t painted this bit”. Only afterwards I realised that the new heavy dark edge would bring the tree up close and add the missing drama and depth in the whole scene. 


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