Cafe near Munster Tyres

Munster Tyres is where I get my brakes and tyres sorted. Good cafe five doors up has free WiFi and comfy chairs. Did some easy sketching for practicing principles: ‘draw what you see’ and others.  Milk Jug & Americano – curvy shadows Window View – scale and angles.  Shops Across the Road – how much […]

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For Better or Worse

Trying new styles. So I’m learning new techniques which is better – except that being the first time, getting these news ideas horribly wrong. It’s just like practicing a musical instrument. Playing what you already know is not really practicing. It’s only when you are struggling and messing up that you’re actually pushing into new […]

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Street Drawing

On the tube, in a Café, can you capture the attitude, the nature of a conversation or even of a person?. Abandoning the easy steps. Portraits are the toughest. The slightest failure is immediately and incontroversially manifest. Anyone can make a really nice drawing that hardly resembles the building they were looking at, BUT, the […]

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A Venetian Floor

I love the way the panorama photo was tricked by twisting the iPhone while scanning the floor. I hope to see it enlarged soon. Or project it for tracing and painting?

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A Cheap Light Box

I bought a cardboard Luckies SmartPhone Projector on Amazon for £8.00 and it works well enough, in a dark place! Here’s a picture I’m planning to paint, (taken with an iPhone Camera in “panorama” mode) and the trace I made over the projection: You might notice the image was “reversed” by the projector! I tried […]

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