Street Drawing

On the tube, in a Café, can you capture the attitude, the nature of a conversation or even of a person?. Abandoning the easy steps. Portraits are the toughest. The slightest failure is immediately and incontroversially manifest. Anyone can make a really nice drawing that hardly resembles the building they were looking at, BUT, the details of people’s shape, expressions, and character are critically recognisable to all at even subconscious levels. Especially the subject!

If that’s weren’t hard enough, let’s also try to draw people in the candid uncooperative state of being an unknowing subject. You may get only a glance of the pose you want to capture. You realise a line is wrong, look back up to see it properly, and it’s gone!

Here’s my first small steps in capturing tiny elements of my restless unruly subjects, mostly during a day out in London. 

And this is the absolute basic stage – where I’m merely trying to draw the shadows actually seen instead of the outlines of objects. . 

Finally, I drew one carefully observed, well-behaved, compliant little milk jug, just to boost my confidence. . .

I know these are NOT good. But they are better than previous efforts, and this is all about.. The Journey.  Not the destination. (Me, .. I’ve no words, no logic, and no destination. )

A couple having a chat:

A bloke sleeping on a train:  

Woman settling into a cafe chair:

People chatting at a cafe table: 

Woman discussing a career in mentoring:

Bloke with earbuds and smartphone on the tube:

Experiment with drawing shadows primarily:

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