Watterson Watercolour 

A hurried attempt to copy the understated bucolic beauty of Calvin & Hobbes’ world of play. First attempt is nowhere near! But fun as always to look into the method and try to work it out. Cheaper than taking classes but long hard lessons are so much longer lasting than short easy ones! So. Here’s […]

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Snowscape III

Trying new methods in this one. Masking fluid instead of masking tape. I tipped the page up while the paint dried and created a wonderful line on the edge.  In fact, that detail might be better than the whole painting. I also splattered a little bit of masking fluid to leave gaps in the sky […]

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Snowscape II (& trees)

It’s big. 30x40cm. Biggest yet. Rushed and it shows. Never mind. Try again!  Looks better framed.  But maybe not as good as the first… I tried practicing my blue snow thing. Getting worse not better. However, I learned to do trees better by using my watercolour markers and water pen. And a lovely soft filter […]

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Refujesus Watercolour

I was struck by an iconic picture of Jesus as a refugee, painted (I think) by David Hayward on his website for church dropouts. Maybe that started me thinking. That and having just visited the Retsona refugee camp in Greece.  So I got a picture in my head of the camp built up around our church, […]

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On Your Marks

Watercolour Marker Pens! They have a brush at one end, a felt tip at the other, and a pot of ready-mix in the middle! A bargain in Cass-Art (especially when they generously price-match the same product online). I also got a water brush pen to use with them. Use it to prudently wet the paper […]

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An Urban View

I drew the view from the back kitchen window in 5m with a 6B on plain paper: It took an hour to paint that in watercolour. To get different greens, and have them opaque over the background, I started with Hookers Green mixed with White Gouache, then added raw barely diluted Hookers Green and Veridian […]

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A Quick One

After a day of fiddling about painting the details of a garden gate, I thought I’d do a huge landscape in five minutes. Nothing to say then. One minute sketch on the beach, and five minutes of water colour at home, without thinking or stopping to look. 

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