An Urban View

I drew the view from the back kitchen window in 5m with a 6B on plain paper:

It took an hour to paint that in watercolour. To get different greens, and have them opaque over the background, I started with Hookers Green mixed with White Gouache, then added raw barely diluted Hookers Green and Veridian Green. 

I’m still very unhappy with my plants. But quite happy with the loose perspective, the unrealistic “symbolic” sky, and the use of Parker Quink over the watercolour to get definition and shadows. Also, the wash of very weak grey (Ultramarine & Raw Ochre) to create shadows – that worked. 

In general, though there was no attempt to create any interesting composition or subject, I’m enjoying the way I can now do things, knowing (not just hoping) how they’ll turn out. 

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