Snowscape III

Trying new methods in this one. Masking fluid instead of masking tape. I tipped the page up while the paint dried and created a wonderful line on the edge. 

In fact, that detail might be better than the whole painting. I also splattered a little bit of masking fluid to leave gaps in the sky and snow. Just to try it out!

Really not happy with the blue shadows in the snow – just looks dirty. Another new idea is to use white gouache to drop in the trees over the top of the sky and snow shadows. 

First I draw the tree with Parker Quinque black ink which then bleeds into the paint to make a nice bluey off-white. Then dab on some blue / red / purple for the bark. 

So far it looks a terrible mess but I think I should just practice some more trees and see how it goes. 

Here’s the result, the point where I ‘finished’. Sort of works. 

So I’ve now done this ‘same’ painting three times. I’ve discovered just how far away I am from being able to create something intentionally. However, that’s the excitement of watercolour: there is an element of surprise (!) and if people like it then you can take the credit!

In retrospect, the message of this picture seems to be an invitation to pass through the gate of trees, cross the wilderness and climb up to a burning wood. Should I call an ‘art therapist’ or an ‘interpreter of dreams’?

One thought on “Snowscape III

  1. It’s funny how you can look at a painting later and only then see meaning. This seems to be offering a walk into a cold wilderness towards a burning forest. Call the interpreter of dreams please!

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