Watterson Watercolour 

A hurried attempt to copy the understated bucolic beauty of Calvin & Hobbes’ world of play. First attempt is nowhere near! But fun as always to look into the method and try to work it out. Cheaper than taking classes but long hard lessons are so much longer lasting than short easy ones!

So. Here’s the inspiration: 

And here’s my first shot:

After framing it, I decided to try a technique I had in mind for the future, which is to paint things on separate sheets of watercolour paper, and then glue them together! Really! Using that idea, I added myself to the picture, putting myself into an imaginary world. While listening to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. 

A quick reference selfie…

And then, very soon after,..

Looks good in its frame!

Now. Let’s have a better look at Watterson’s beautiful details (check out the bottom of the tree) ..and try to learn some more,…

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