Drawing Classes 4/5: Pastel

OK. I’ll try anything. It’s pastels. Another day, another bird  actually I am totally OK with repeatedly drawing something that I can’t draw. It’s the only way forward in anything. Practicing something you can already do is not painful or hard work. But you don’t learn, don’t discover.  I spent much more time setting up […]

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Pears #2

This is a 300x400mm whopper. I’m inspired by the picture I’m copying but really not inspired by my success as my picture unfolds. I think perhaps the problem is that I’m not familiar with the look of a half-finished work. The initial drawing looks OK. Now the black background is in place hopefully the rest […]

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12 Abstract Disciples

No ideas. Sat at the blank sheet anyway. Drew a 3×4 grid of squares and did 12 variations. Using masking tape and masking fluid to get ‘edges’ but failed to add enough paint to flood the edges.  Building as we go, seeing what ideas turn up if any…. Overnight I decide on one black square.  […]

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Masked-Wash Still Life

Some pears on a window sill.  Start with a pencil outline, traced with Masking fluid. Wait for it to dry, and start adding a wash.  The proper way, or least another way, is to tilt up the page and apply so much paint to the top that it forms a bead along the bottom of […]

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Learning from Mistakes

Here’s a lesson for life. And for watercolour painting. To avoid mistakes, simply do nothing. Taking risks isn’t enough. You have to make mistakes. Of course, if we’re talking bomb disposal or sky diving, there had better be a safe environment! Here I am, deliberately ‘having a go’, with no other intention than to examine […]

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Drawing Classes 1/5: Pencil

Started a series of drawing classes. Serious! I’ve played guitar for 57 years without a lesson. Now doing drawing classes? That Is Serious! It turns out we’re going to draw birds! OK. It will help with anatomy, likeness, weight, etc.  Here’s the warm-up, and an “outlining” exercise: Here’s the main piece: After that I tried […]

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