Drawing Classes 3/5: Charcoal Tone

 It’s week 3 and we’re thinking about ‘tone’. This means that independently of colour we are representing everything as relative darkness. Of course I have failed – as you can see – and simply drawn a bird with a stick of charcoal. But seriously I did try hard to get the tones to work. 

Firstly I spent most of the time struggling with dimensions and didn’t even remember to check the angles of lines when transferring from the subject to the page. 

In fact one can take the whole tone thing much further and I should have been using the eraser as much as the charcoal. It’s possible to create a plain area of ‘tone’ and then make an edge by removing charcoal with a good eraser with a good edge, possibly even sharpened. In fact I did use this technique to achieve some edges that I pencilled in and then removed again. 

My personal style would definitely be to add strong outlines (like last week) but that was not the point of the exercise. Standing well back from the huge drawing I see pieces of bird rather than a whole bird. 

As an expression at the last minute, I added some lines, framing the bird in a religious looking ascension type of sky space. Why not!?

Finally I made some post-processing with Prisma. 

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