Drawing Classes 4/5: Pastel

OK. I’ll try anything. It’s pastels. Another day, another bird  actually I am totally OK with repeatedly drawing something that I can’t draw. It’s the only way forward in anything. Practicing something you can already do is not painful or hard work. But you don’t learn, don’t discover. 

I spent much more time setting up the exact shape of the birds. Everybody else had half finished colouring before I finished my pencil outline. Pastels were hard! Inaccurate, and the colours don’t easily blend, and can’t easily be identified as they all look the same colour when covered in their own dust. 

I used the iPhone app, “Grid” to map out the birds on a square page, taking a photo of the original page from a book. I restricted the sky to a square with one wing protruding, just to frame a picture. Used A bit of Sainsbury’s chalk too. 

Here’s the grid that I copied from. 

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