Field Sketching

Literally in a field. Camping at the HTB Focus 2017 Festival. Four days of sun, rain, sketching. I sketched the tents, and in the seminars I sketched while taking notes. I like having both annotated sketchbooks and illustrated journals. 

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Watercolour Classes 5/5

Today is LIFE DRAWING! Help! Even if I can draw a bit, I can’t draw quckly, plus I’m totally Euclidean, and people are The Hardest Thing in the world to draw.  We begin with the techniques  of doing colour impressions first, and then adding lines afterwards; then look at some Georgia O’Keefe nudes that are […]

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Watercolour Classes 4/5

Today we bring in our ‘own work’ to get advice on improvement. I’ve brought a sketch for a third attempt at ‘Walking in the Light’. The first two got a bit muddy especially around the shadows. All three sheets are 16″x12″ 300g/m cold press.  In the sketch I’m reverting to the v1.0  A4 size, marked […]

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Is this finished?

I have two questions at St.Paul’s Hammersmith about the triptych. First I’m often asked, “Is this finished?” To the traditional art person the left panel is clearly the only one yet to be started. But for a modern art person then the left panel might be only one completed. The mass of gold squares have […]

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Watercolour Classes 3/5

I’m coming in determined to ‘get it’. It’s hard to think differently, but I try to apply yesterday’s lessons to today’s Super-Wet-on-Super-Wet exercise.  Today we work on a soaked sheet of paper in an extreme aspect ratio. The style and the genre both change as we work. To begin with, the colours are moving and […]

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Watercolour Classes 2/5

First we try overlaying stripes to see how the colours blend. I do a hybrid by making a face in the grid: Then we did a rapid sketch in the style of Norman Ackroyd. Using soluable graphite over wet paint over candle wax. I love it, though mine is more Quentin Blake.  Next, we discuss […]

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Watercolour Classes 1/5

Watercolour Classes 1/5 at City Lit. First we lay colours into a ‘colour composition’. So maybe start with Cadmium / Lemon Yellow, and put the yellow all over the page in places that will be yellow, but also in places that contain yellow, and avoid unbalanced distribution of yellow that would discourage the movement of the […]

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Walking in the Light (v1.3)

You know when you’re ‘In The Zone’ because  when you stop painting your coffee has gone cold and the CD has finished. Again you forgot time. When you get ‘Deep In The Zone’ you can accidentally wash your brush in the coffee.  Having been drawing for the last two weeks I thought I better pick […]

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The Right Side of the Brain

I’m turning to “Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain”, first. published in 1979. Exercise One is a self portrait. So I sit with a mirror and transfer what I see; the shape, lines, and shadows, onto a blank page of heavyweight cartridge paper using a jumbo 8B pencil. The exercise continues with a […]

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Bloomsbury Drawing Day

Set off in search of inspiration and a place to sit. Sat on stairs in the British Museum Grand Hall. Then moved on to a sandwich bar with a real chair. Next time I’ll take my own chair! Fully painted: Half painted: Completed drawing. (Fear of colour): Before tinting with Snapseed: Reference photo. I drew […]

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Drawing Classes 5/5 Three-Point

Three-Point perspective is the use of three vanishing points, in this case the third is below the picture so that we are looking down on a building which recedes downwards as well as to the left and right.  I have used Derwent graphic ink pen liners and a water pen to drag the wet ink […]

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Design Museum

Trip to Cass-Art and draw the Design Museum to test the new colours; Davy’s Gray and Phthalo Turquoise.  With a 25% Gothic filter by #Prisma.  Without.  Fabrr-Castillo HB Jumbo. 5mins. 

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