Drawing Classes 5/5 Three-Point

Three-Point perspective is the use of three vanishing points, in this case the third is below the picture so that we are looking down on a building which recedes downwards as well as to the left and right. 

I have used Derwent graphic ink pen liners and a water pen to drag the wet ink into shaded areas. I have also used fine nibs in the distance and progressively broader nibs in the foreground.

The deceit of this style that I like is that it mixes rough and clever perspective. The details such as the windows are drawn carelessly to give A loose informal impression, but these components are drawn over a cleverly planned schema to give a sophisticated overall impression of scale and distance. 

Prisma:Gothic 100%:

Prisma:Gothic 50%:

My finished drawing:

Half finished:

Starting on the right:

Starting on the left:

Starting at both ends:

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