Walking in the Light (v1.3)

You know when you’re ‘In The Zone’ because  when you stop painting your coffee has gone cold and the CD has finished. Again you forgot time. When you get ‘Deep In The Zone’ you can accidentally wash your brush in the coffee. 

Having been drawing for the last two weeks I thought I better pick up a brush before Monday, when I’m starting a five day course in watercolour. So, as usual, copied an image from my phone, found on Google Images. (Some time in future, I’ll design a picture from scratch, but just as in songwriting, how few are the innovators that actually do that?)

Really wanted to add ink pen. Decided to stay with 100% brushwork; here it is through an Instagram Juno filter

The actual colours I mixed from Alizarin Crimson and Cerulean Blue. I think the blue was more ‘mottled’ by a touch of Lamp Black, but it might just be darker. Raw Sienna gave me the browns, and that’s it. 

Version 1.2 

So disappointed with the figure in right foreground. So. Making sketches with greater care, for version 1.2, here we go:

The heads are all on a straight horizontal line, called the eye-line, which is always the horizon whether visible or not. The head of the lady in the left foreground is also the single vanishing point, which will inevitably make her the implicit focal point of the composition. 

On goes the colour. The drawings are lost. Maybe I’ll repeat them in ink over the colour later?….

I build up the layers, and sometimes think it’s going well, sometimes worry I don’t know how to finish it. Sometimes I’m just grateful for a bit of good ‘realistic’ brushwork:

Finally, I fail to get the lamps’ colours to obey the rules of distance and fail to achieve the darkness, definition, and contrast that I wanted on the left side, but decide to stop before the whole thing becomes a mud bath. So, here is the finished item which I’m calling “Walking in the Light”:

Version 1.3

Trying a third time. Better drawings, maybe ink. And, learn lessons from previous colouring mistakes. 

I drew the outlines again and was pleased enough to decide on ink later. Then the colouring was delayed by camping over 2 weeks. Sadly this resulted in an inconsistent palette and style. I think I have to aim for a single session in future. In particular the sky is two different colours across the arch. The clouds are formed using candle, a strong technique I picked up at Watercolour Classes. 

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