Watercolour Classes 1/5

Watercolour Classes 1/5 at City Lit. First we lay colours into a ‘colour composition’. So maybe start with Cadmium / Lemon Yellow, and put the yellow all over the page in places that will be yellow, but also in places that contain yellow, and avoid unbalanced distribution of yellow that would discourage the movement of the eye around the page. 

I’m not sure if I gave that enough thought. Certainly in the first exercise I did not give it enough practice. 

In this case we are not being discouraged from using LINE in addition to coloured areas. In fact we are given graphite and soluable graphite crayons – which is right up my street. 

Cropped in case the ‘floating’ is not to your taste!…

Next we try again but starting with brush outlines; no pencil. We are shown how to abstract a composition using a novel viewpoint and a viewfinder. Perspective is to stretched. I’m in home territory and very happy. But my result from a quick picture copying a photo is quite weak: 

After that warm up we’re directed to the real still life on the floor. I take pictures and get started:

I’m pleased to say I’m producing stuff that looks totally different from anything I’ve done before. That’s good in itself. We finish with watercolour pencils, dragging the colour using a set brush. Again this is right up my street. To avoid borrowing/ sharing the pencil case, I go monochrome with the soluable graphite, and a wet brush, making a repeat abstract still life, and a quick portrait of the adjacent artist:

2 thoughts on “Watercolour Classes 1/5

  1. I really love that first painting. I like the contrast of the blue striped background and the patterned cloth (tray?) maybe I would just crop the bottom though so it’s not floating but then it would definitely go on my wall.

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