Watercolour Classes 4/5

Today we bring in our ‘own work’ to get advice on improvement. I’ve brought a sketch for a third attempt at ‘Walking in the Light’. The first two got a bit muddy especially around the shadows. All three sheets are 16″x12″ 300g/m cold press. 

In the sketch I’m reverting to the v1.0  A4 size, marked within the sheet:
So, what’s the plan?

  • Clarify the light source. It’s very high, but slightly to the left and behind the viewer
  • Want the human figures to have crisper edges, and have sketch lines under a two-colour gradient, so…
  • Either use precise brush strokes, ensuring the brush is tested & loaded optimally, with no excess volume or pigment. Or use masking fluid. 
  • Improve texture to imply low visibility in areas either too dark or too bright to look into, by splattering masking fluid or adding candle wax under shadows (?)
  • Minimal palette to contrast with strict geometry of the SPP?
  • Experiment to get a nice mottled pale blue shadow in street, in a single shot. No blur or repeats allowed!
  • Ink lines!
  • Or. No ink lines?!

I decide on ink lines, but the colouring’ is just as bad as ever. What have I learned?

I try to do a textured sky with darker blue at the top. Does it look like clouds? I’m trying at least..

We do a couple of exercises based on making blobs – which I cannot relate to. I end up with this:

I got very excited about Michael Morgan’s dramatic strokes, drawing, and colour. (Below) But I got something very different applying it to my sketch of Southbourne beach. (Below MM):

Then playing around with the ideas of the day. My mixed drawing / painting goes well until I suddenly accidentally drag colour (from the inkpen) across the whole drawn building:

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