Mudeford Hutting 

A week in a hut at Mudeford is a chance to do a lot of drawing and painting- provided you like drawing huts, or boats. I did a lot of monochrome stuff using a water brush over Derwent Line Markers which bleed freely. Most of the time.  I’ve mostly improved getting ink directly into paper, […]

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Friday in Barnes

Here we are at Cafe NERO with water brush and a small tin of half pans. Sketch and paint. Got too much paint on the page, having no tester sheet, and no rinse, just the water in the brush handle.  I’m quite happy with the drawing. I’m not quite happy with the painting. So many […]

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Urban Sketchers London

Tonight I joined the Urban Sketchers of London for the first time. About ten Sketchers met at Southbank and I rapidly produced an interior view of the National Theatre and a view of Charing Cross Station from the top of the Royal Festival Hall. 

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Barnes @ High Tide

Barnes @ High Tide: Sketching at the riverside with 8B pencil ✏️ on Moleskine book of watercolour paper 8″x5″ for 20m and then 60m of watercolour painting.  So, I show Merfyn and without hesitation (except to ask permission) he takes my brush and paints and slaps Cobalt Blue across all the trees and grass and […]

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Rhondda #1

A bit lost here. I think this piece ought to be a demonstration of carefully balanced strong tones but I’m not quite that expert yet.  Watercolour on pencil first: Then add ink liner.  90m altogether.  Version 2.0 is intended to be ‘stronger’. Better colours, more ‘graphic’ less splashy in the hills. It’s started off that […]

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Sofa, so good..

A quick 10m sketch inspired by an Instagrammer who does outside sketches with nothing but a small tin of watercolour pans and a water brush. I added fountain pen (black Parker Quink) to see if I prefer it. Then added a Prisma filter. 67% Hunter. 

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Theotokos v1 and v2

This is for Christmas, either printed or digital. The Greek ‘#Theotokos” is ‘God Bearer’ in English, and refers to the mother of Jesus, Mary. #Incarnation is the real theme of #Christmas and I personally believe it to be an essential part of the theological map of salvation. What better theme for a Christmas card? The […]

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