Theotokos v1 and v2

This is for Christmas, either printed or digital. The Greek ‘#Theotokos” is ‘God Bearer’ in English, and refers to the mother of Jesus, Mary. #Incarnation is the real theme of #Christmas and I personally believe it to be an essential part of the theological map of salvation. What better theme for a Christmas card?

The watercolour attempt was really weak. The #Moleskine book was too small, and I spent too little time on it. The Parker #Quink bled far too much immediately. I went for intense #Snapseed grunge and othe filters to get an antique effect, which I think will do. 

There are better places to check the symbolism but here goes:

  • Omega, Omicron, Nu: letters in the halo of the unborn uncreated Christ indicate “The I Am”;
  • HC-XC: (IC-XC) indicates Jesus Christ in abbreviated Greek;
  • MP-OY: similarly announce the Theotokos, Mary;
  • Red over Green/Blue in the cloaks indicates immortality ‘put on’ over mortality;
  • Hand gestures indicate blessing;
  • Halos indicate holiness or divinity when gold in colour. 

Here are some more Extreme #Prisma versions:

Enough. Back to the drawing board. Here’s v2.0 on a slightly larger format, A5:

And again with #Prisma filter 50% Hunter

Followed by a little ambience with #Snapseed:

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