Rhondda #1

A bit lost here. I think this piece ought to be a demonstration of carefully balanced strong tones but I’m not quite that expert yet. 

Watercolour on pencil first:

Then add ink liner. 

90m altogether. 

Version 2.0 is intended to be ‘stronger’. Better colours, more ‘graphic’ less splashy in the hills. It’s started off that way. I’m taking a lot of time to mix colours in the buildings so they have depth of colour, even though lines and shapes are loose. 

In the end I get a stronger picture. What I really really want is something much stronger, and more about shape and ‘colour theory’. I have no idea – but I suspect I need to set up a pallete of an autumnal type, and then use the transparency of watercolour to  blend them into the picture. We’ll see. As for changing the shape of one’s ‘line’, it’s about as easy as changing your handwriting.  Encoded in the muscle memory of childhood scrawl, it’s a highly personal signature that’s hard to change. Anyway, here’s v2.0:

It looks cute in a frame. Meanwhile I’m tidying up and discovering that the masking tape that held the picture on the board looks as good, If not better than the actual picture:

I’m delighted to discover how much this was liked, especially by a friend who is learning to paint. Rhondda#2 became a gift to him, and we both set out to create copies, of our own. We drew the outlines, and then started painting. I’m going to town on the clingfilm. It going to give texture to the hills beyond and the wasteland below the houses. 

And here’s Rhonda #3.. slightly darker 

4 thoughts on “Rhondda #1

    1. Well, I actually used the word Rhondda to refer to the hymn tune, as a more generic reference to the mood of the valleys. I wasn’t even aware of Rhondda as a town (sorry!) being more familiar with the Merthyr environs. But corrective input is always welcome!

      1. Rhondda isn’t a town, Merthyr is a town. I live nr. Treorchy which is a town in the Rhondda valley. Merthyr is in a different valley and has it’s own council. Look up Rhondda Cynon Taff on Google search.

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